Sensor Sztuki (the Art Sensor) detects uncompromising, innovative artists. It is neither a stationary gallery nor an online shop – it is a new idea for the promulgation and the sale of contemporary art as well as professional support for outstanding artists. The Sensor looks ahead in search for art which is contemporary, experimenting, exploring the current condition of our civilization.

The group of artists gathered around the Sensor consists of outstanding artistic personalities – both experienced ones with a growing position in the art world, as well as promising newcomers who are just entering the stage. By building a cooperative network we help promote and present art, reach prestigious institutions and collections as well as strengthen the position on the international art scene. We also broker works of art offering not only photographs or prints but also unique paintings and experimental objects – this makes the offer of the Sensor interesting for both collectors and the people who have just begun their adventure with art.

The company is led by Olga Filanowska, a graduate of art history at the University of Lodz.




We will be happy to cooperate at organizing exhibitions and other art events featuring the artists we represent.


We work with individual collectors as well as companies and institutions which build collections of modern art and are interested in our artists’ work. We will advise everyone individually taking into consideration their preferences and purse.


We help to find art which adds originality to home, club or office interiors.


We cooperate with film and theatre producers who look for artists creating full concepts or the elements of a scenic design.


We cooperate with publishing houses which look for illustrators.


We also write, edit and proofread texts written in Polish (especially those dedicated to culture and art). We make sure that they are correct in terms of merit, language and technicalities. We edit texts for books, catalogues, articles and promotional materials.